Our story

Josep Bergadà has been a guitarist for most of his life. He had never thought that  another instrument would be so important to him until the book that opened his mind to a new world came into his hands.

Music can save you, it can give you light in darkness. James Rhodes’ words in  “Instrumental” changed the perception that Josep had about classical music. They  gave life to such a strong desire to play the piano and to create one which he could play with at any time.

Josep felt the need to play every time he had a spare minute, but the piano that he had available at the time was at his parents’ house, 40km from him. So he envisioned the  piano he needed to unleash his passion for music.

Thus, PocketPiano was born. 

PocketPiano’s Mission

Our mission is to break the space-time barriers so that you play the piano wherever you want to. 

We have joined together the qualities of the Grand Piano and modern day resources and technology to create the next generation of pianos.

Collaborating companies

PocketPiano is art combined with technology.

For this reason, Eurecat’s support in technological innovation and the collaboration of  other partners have been essential for its development.

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