Take the music with
you wherever you go

The first portable professional piano that accompanies you wherever you go has finally arrived.

With PocketPiano, your passion for music has no longer limits.

The MIDI controller with sensitivity you’ve been waiting for.


Supported by:


And other DAW Software and Apps.

An entire piano
inside your backpack

PocketPiano is the solution that you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

It is a complete professional piano, with 7 octaves and 2 pedals. The key is its design:  it’s divided into modules, so you can connect only the octaves you need. And, when you  finish playing, you just have to put it back in your backpack.

So simple that it feels like magic.

The pieces are joined together by magnets and automatically connect.

Anywhere you are.

Choose the sound output: through headphones, amplifier, speaker, or your smartphone.

Control every detail.

Manage settings and sound through your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

You won’t notice the difference.

Its touch and sensitivity are similar to that of a traditional piano.

Resonance, Sostenuto and the Soft Pedal.

Select which pedals you need through the app.

How does it work?

1. Assemble it

Link the controller module with the octaves you need. It’s very easy, because the pieces will fix themselves automatically through the magnets.

2. Connect it

Synchronize your piano with your Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth. Use GarageBand to select settings, record and share your pieces.

3. Play it

Create, rehearse, perform and take your audience’s breath away, wherever you are.

Imagine a day with PocketPiano

What if you could take all the intensity, magic, and quality of your traditional piano with you to continue playing wherever you go?

Glenda Del Monte playing her PocketPiano at Jorquera Pianos in Barcelona

You will believe in magic again

The technology behind PocketPiano makes it easy to use while still being as high quality as a wooden piano.

The octaves are connected to each other and to the controller module by magnets, the order of the placement does not matter.

You can also connect one or two pedals wirelessly. Like this, you get an easy and intuitive assembly, and a disassembly that is just as fast.

PocketPiano’s battery is designed so that you can get more than 4 hours of music with a single charge, which is done through its USB-C.

Control your piano through your Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth. Configure the sound output by connecting headphones, external speakers, or amplifiers to your device.

From your fingers to the world

Control the piano via Bluetooth with GarageBand.

You will be able to select the settings from your Smartphone or tablet and manage the sound output by connecting your device to headphones, an external speaker, or an amplifier.

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