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The Pocket Piano: A Full-Size Keyboard Made from Magnetically-Connecting Segments

Josep Bergadà’s invention fits in a tiny case

While studying business at Pompeu Fabru University in Barcelona, Josep Bergadà had a problem: He was itching to play the piano during his downtime, but the instrument was sitting in his parents’ house, 40 kilometers away.

After graduating, Bergadà partnered up with Jorquera Pianos, a local piano dealer that’s been in business since 1853, and the Eurecat Technology Centre, a technology services company, to create the Pocket Piano.

Bergadà’s creation breaks the keyboard into portable segments that snap together with magnets. There’s 87 keys (versus a piano’s 88) covering seven octaves, two foot pedals and a controller module.

The system connects to speakers (or Garageband or other apps on your phone) via Bluetooth, and the batteries are good for four hours’ worth of playing time.

And the whole thing fits in an absurdly small package.

The Pocket Piano runs €700 (USD $854).

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